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Idiopathic lung treatmentReversing Lung Fibrosis, Lung Tissue Hardening & Improved Breathing Is Now A Reality

Have you wondered if there are alternative health products out there that are highly effective for reversing Pulmonary Fibrosis? Look no further. Our products have been successfully helping people suffering from pulmonary health conditions such as Pulmonary Fibrosis and chronic pulmonary disorders worldwide for many years. Our product consumers realize the amazing effectiveness of our custom formulated, naturally derived and non-prescription pulmonary health formulas.

At Advanced Clinical Labs™, we do not claim to have the ‘magic overnight cure’ to these problematic lung conditions, or some insane, unbelievable and unrealistic success rates. We just provide steady results and reliable improved pulmonary restoration, month after month with continued and timely usage. Our consumers are constantly amazed how they experience less coughing, wheezing, sputum (fluid in lungs if present) levels and improved oxygen levels little by little, week after week. You too can reverse the ill effects of pulmonary disease with an effective regular regimen provided by Advanced Clinical Labs™. Please read more below to learn about our products.

Our Advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment Regimen Has Successfully Helped People Reverse The Unwanted Effects Of Pulmonary Fibrosis Worldwide Since 2012

Fibrosis Of The Lung TreatmentOur advanced pharmaceutical grade, non-prescription health products are proven to be highly effective in improving and stabilizing pulmonary health issues. Unfortunately to date, most prescription medications are only ‘temporary fixes’ that only mask the underlining conditions or trick the brain into feeling better. Many consumers continue to purchase these products in hope for more improved health.
Our custom formulated safe product line is designed to get to the root core of the condition, by supporting lung fibrosis (scarring) breakdown, improved breathing, lung function, capacity, oxygen levels and more.

By reducing this troublesome lung scar tissue or ‘fibrin’ as is often called, many other improvements also begin to take place, such as: detoxification of the lung skin tissue and promotion of new healthy lung skin tissue. You also may experience reduction of inflammation and improved breathing by supplying blood with more oxygen levels (oxygen blood exchange). These unique clinically proven formulas supply the pulmonary system with needed lung restoring ingredients. These exact ingredients used in our products are shown in clinical studies to improve many lung conditions, such as pulmonary fibrosis.

Who Are These Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatments For?
Best Vitamin For Pulmonary Fibrosis

•People seeking alternatives to side effect causing pharmaceuticals
•Those searching for a proven solution to pulmonary health issues
•Anyone dealing with lung fibrosis conditions, emphysema & COPD
•Those seeking the most advanced naturally formulated custom non-prescription health medicines on the market, specifically targeted for lung health
•Those needing clinically proven ingredients for supporting lung restoration & improvement
•Anyone wanting improved oxygen levels & improved energy, better lung capacity, less coughing, wheezing & fluid in lungs
•Those interested in optimal overall health & immune system strength

What Are The Products Recommended For Reversing & Restoring Pulmonary Fibrosis &
Like Respiratory Ailments?


Venatase Pulmonary Fibrosis
is one of our four recommended products to reverse the unwanted and ill effects caused by pulmonary fibrosis. This unique and proprietary formulation consists of two forms of super concentrated fish oils omegas. EPA (Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic Acid). These super concentrated uniquely formulated Omega-3’s are designed to help improve heart health and and also blood/oxygen exchange process that occurs between the respiratory system and the circulatory system when air/oxygen is inhaled into the lungs. The heart and circulatory system play an important role in the pulmonary system. Our four products are designed to be taken together, and target the repair of specific root causes of pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory damage.


Respiron Pulmonary Fibrosis

is our second product of four necessary and recommend for optimal pulmonary system restoration results. Respiron™ is truly a very advanced product that has many clinically proven ingredients directly proven to improve lung health. From Bioflavonoids, Quercetin qnd Bromelain enzymes to promote softening and dissolution of lung fibrosis (hardening on the lung tissue walls), to immune boosting and oxygen level increasing ingredients. Many consumers of this product report improved breathing and less wheezing, coughing and difficulty breahting overall. Respiron™ plays a very vital role in this complete pulmonary health package.



Clinizymes Pulmonary Health

is our third of our four recommended products for reversing Pulmonary Fibrosis. Clinizymes™ contains 120,000 iu’s per dosage of Serratiopeptidase enzymes alone. This is a highly proven and clinically studied ingredient that shows incredible and undeniable results. This form of enzyme has shown to soften and dissolve lung fibrosis with regular usage. We have added even more enzyme powers to increase the efficacy with added Bromelain, Papain, a protease blend and much more! This proprietary formula also lowers the C-reactive inflammation markers body wide. Reducing lung inflammation, irritation and improved overall breathing, oxygen levels and energy with regular and continued usage.


Fibrinolve Pulmonary Fibrosis

is the fourth of our four recommended products to be taken together daily for reversing pulmonary fibrosis or a like respiratory condition involving damage and lung fibrosis. Fibrinolve™ is truly the most advanced and complete health formula in the world. If you were going to take just one supplement for health in your lifetime, this should be the one. With over 100+ advanced formulas from everything from fruits & vegetables, complex proteolytic and systemic enzymes, to much needed needed health improving nutrients and vitamins. You will not find a more complex formula for improved general health or respiratory renewal anywhere in the world. All products are only sold here or on our other company owned related websites.

Best Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment
Our Recommended Complete Pulmonary Fibrosis Health Package

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it Necessary to Take All Four Products for Best Results?

Answer: Yes and no. You can choose to take other combinations of our products, however due to clinical studies and results, data points to the best results occurring from regular and consistent daily usage of the four products above. Especially for those with Pulmonary Fibrosis/Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. After desired results have been achieved (based on the severity of your pulmonary system damage, time can vary), you can then reduce the daily intake of the products. This information is outline in your detailed dosage brochure included in your package.

We have three dosage stages: 1. Introductory Phase (light dosages to gradually introduce your body to our products) 2. Therapeutic Stage (Heavier daily dosages to begin and maintain the respiratory and immune system repair stage) 3. Maintenance Phase: A lighter, greatly reduced phase once desired results have been achieved to ‘maintain’ a good level of respiratory health for the ongoing future (recommended).

Q: Do These Products ‘Cure’ Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Answer: There is no known cure for Pulmonary Fibrosis. However, our products have been study proven and results from consumers point to great efficacy. Our products are designed to get to the ‘root cause’ of the ailment. Unlike prescription medications, that are man made chemicals designed to only ‘trick’ the brain to feel as though you are getting healthier and returning for more in hopes to feel ‘good again’. Our products address the multitude of areas needed to be repaired naturally. Like with any supplements or naturally derived alternative health products, regular and consistent usage is a necessity to achieve improvements and a potentially fully reversed stage of PF.

Q: Are There Any Know Side Effects or Dangers Taking These Products?

Answer: Our biggest and most important warning is to not combine our enzyme products with a prescribed blood thinning medication. If you are taking a ‘Coumadin’, ‘Warfarin’ or a ‘Xarelto’ or a like product for example, it is not recommended to take these products together. Our enzymes products also work like a ‘blood thinning’ medication and can be too much when combined and is not recommended. It is recommended to get clearance first from a licensed medical practitioner in your area if you are considering this regimen with your prescribed blood thinning medications. Aside from this, our products have been deemed highly tolerable and some even at high dosages, without an adverse effects.

Q: What’s The Low Price & 110% Purity Guarantee?Lung Fibrosis Treatment That Works

We guarantee 110% that you will not find these exact pulmonary health products anywhere else at a lower price. If you do, we will match it and minus an additional 10% off for an entire 365-days! We also guarantee that our products are 100% potent and of the most purest ingredients possible, exactly as labeled, or your full money back.

Our manufacturing facilities are all GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). This type of certification is only rewarded to manufacturing plants that consistently produce high quality products, time after time. Only the most highest grade ingredients make it past our stringent inspection process, before being made.

Q: Where Are These Products Made?

Answer: All of our products are formulated in the USA in our contracted multi-million dollar facilities. Our manufacturing plants must go through very strict and rigorous FDA (Food & Drug Adminstration) inspections. We are consistently in good standing with the FDA. Our facilities are ‘GMP’ certified. This means ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ for consistent, potent, purity and of the highest quality ingredients put into every single bottle that we produce and provide to you, our valued customers.

Q: How Do I Take These Products?

Answer: Detailed recommended dosage instructions are included in every package. The products are designed to be taken together, and most people spread out dosages throughout the course of the day. The ingredients in our capsules and tablets are filled with naturally derived pulmonary improving vitamins, health supplements and other vital pulmonary repairing ingredients. No toxic, man made chemicals or fillers are in ANY of our products. So the longer you are using them, the more your body can see & feel better health improvements. It is recommended to get into a regular maintenance routine for continued good pulmonary & general overall health.


Do You Offer Any Kind Of Guarantee?

Yes, order with confidence. See the image below for more information…

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